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Continuous Integration with Business Events 5

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An extension to our Tibco BW Maven plugin, to include Tibco BE 5 into the Continuous Integration cycle.

We have a new customer using both BW 5.x and BE 5.x. This customer is involved in a large big data implementation, with geographically distributed mid-size development team. Sharing information and code dependencies between the diverse coders, it’s a real challenge.

Data models from BE shared in BW, custom java libraries, tibco project libraries, different versions of BE with different ontologies in different environments, are the quizzes to solve.

As anyone can imagine, branching the code is not enough without a rigorous dependency management, design, build, deploy, test and delivery process: it’s necessary to track down what the artifact version are, which depends on what and on what versions and the status of those artifacts.

Fortunately we had already defined a design, build, deploy, test and delivery process for BW, so it was not so difficult to integrate BE into the process. The main challenge we faced, was learning how Tibco Studio was using Eclipse to handle Business Events projects, so we could create maven prototype projects and inject in design time those dependencies indicated into the POM file. Once we bridged that gap, everything was much easier.

Now the developer does not even need to know whether the project he is working on, is Tibco Business Works or Tibco Business Events. The plugin will discriminate and open Tibco Designer or Tibco Studio (Eclipse) with the right dependencies loaded (No need to import any alias.properties or open the project preferences to include the build path…). The same happens when building the ear file or projlib, and uploading the code into the binary repository (Nexus, Artifactory…).

As the song says: “All you need is …POM”

Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 11.08.45
And the best part of it: Jenkins is able to download the latest projects code, build, test and if everything went OK , release them. When the tests do not pass, it raises a Jira ticket :)

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