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BusinessWorks 6 performance

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BusinessWorks 6 performance details using JasperSoft

This summer, we were building a PoC on the new BusinessWorks 6.1, to check if it would implement any new features to fulfilling some missing functionality in the old BW 5.x. Gratefully surprised, the new BusinessWorks version was improved with plenty of new features, and a fully service oriented point of view, particularly on the REST part.

On the architecture side, we were very impressed with the OSGi runtime, which is very light and focused on the important bits like including just those required features, and not full of not-needed-but-mandatory resources as the heavy J2EE containers.

The second surprise was the new TEA (TIBCO Enterprise Administrator), using fresh JS frameworks (like AngularJS, jQuery, bootstrap, etc) and which interface and usability is far better than its both ancestors: Administrator and AMX Administrator.

Besides the new products to be very promising,  a lot of  BW5.x  formerly supported functionality was missing. Thankfully, last October a new release came into play with BusinessWorks 6.2 and TEA 2.1,  reducing substantially that functionality gap.

A summary of the BW 6.2 new features, that we have tested so far are:

  • TEA: New EMS agent, profile configuration for BW, process visualization (SVG).
  • BW6: New FTL palette, maven and unit testing previews, and runtime statistics.

One of the exciting features we discovered in the new BW 6.2, was the statistics functionality. Although we found out some issues when configuring the logback to use a database, we managed to generate a sensible report that was pretty good example to show our client, as part of the PoC , the multiple goodnesses of BW 6. The next picture shows that sample report.

BusinessWorks 6 performance sample report


If you want to play with BusinessWorks 6 performance, you may find helpful MySQL script for creating the stats table stats_create_mysql.sql, and a sample logback configuration for storing them logback_stats_mysql.xml.

In our to do list for the next months we have:

- To use Visualize.js on the saved reports, to produce a rich web experience on BusinessWorks 6.2 performance results.

- To build a new architecture, based on the fresher TIBCO products like Streambase and Live View.

- To play around with the new Security Server.

If you are interested into knowing more about BW 6.2, do not hesitate to contact us.

We will be posting more articles soon!


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